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We began as an international high-tech IT security infrastructure and hospitality systems company in 2004. By the early 2010s, with technology in our DNA and an eye on the future, we recognized an emerging cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. We quickly began mining Bitcoin and put the pieces in place to start up a mining pool in the United States. In 2016, we evolved with the revolutionary notion of pushing the mining pool industry ahead to safe, sustainable energy.

Today we are Minerium, a fast-growing, multi-currency crypto mining pool that is committed to making a green industry even greener. We’re continuing our mission to find reasonable and feasible green solutions — while providing truly decentralized mining services to customers worldwide.

Leading the Way in the Mining Pool Industry

From the start, Minerium successfully invested in several sizable cryptocurrency ventures with one vision in mind: to lead the way in the mining pool industry. We saw a need early on for a formalized network of miners and have been on a mission ever since to create a better mining pool for the skyrocketing crypto economy. With support, trust, and encouragement as core values, the Minerium Pool continues to sustain each mining wave with the greatest success and profit for our mining customers. Our rich technological knowledge, including data science and deep learning algorithms, builds upon these core values and allows us to outperform and outcompete when and where it matters: bringing performance and profit for our customers.

We consistently offer trusted, innovative, and easy-to-use solutions. The recent launch of our Chia Mining Pool and plotting service, that’s based on Proof of Space and Proof of Time, is one example of our commitment towards a more efficient and secure pool for our customers.

We are a team of innovative, smart visionaries who are passionate about our work and believe our customers are our most valued partners. It’s together that we do our best work. It’s together that we bring value to our customers’ investments and that we can achieve our dream of becoming industry leader. We seek to grow long-lasting relationships through understanding expectations and offering solutions backed by sound experience and trusted expertise.

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At Minerium, we see opportunities for growth and improvement where others see obstacles. We always look at the brighter side of the coin. And we’re always looking for other optimists to join our highly profitable mining pool. Come build with us.

Minreium.com™ is registered under USA law and a subsidiary organization of TECHNOHEFAZ LLC, in Las Vegas Technology Center, 2500 N Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128.

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