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  • What is SOLO mining?

    Solo mining is when a miner performs the mining operations alone without joining a pool. All mined blocks are generated to the miner’s credit.

  • What is Smart mining?

    Smart mining means that we can switch the hash rate to other currencies of the same algorithm at our mining pools without changing the configuration of the miner.

    For example: If we found BCH’s earnings are relatively high these days when we are mining BTC, the automated intelligent system changes currency mining accordingly. Under these circumstances, you don’t have to modify the mining address and miners of each miner, you just need to choose smart mining from the top menu.

  • What is Pooled Mining?

    Pooled mining “pools” all of the resources of the clients in that pool to generate the solution to a given block. When the pool solves a block, the rewards generated by that block’s solution are split and distributed between the pool participants.

  • What are the mining fee and Tx fee?

    When users mine on the Minerium pool, they should pay the mining fee to the Minerium pool. When users send a transaction to others via bitcoin, they should pay a transaction fee to other workers.

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