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Gary Gensler could ‘literally cost Joe Biden the election’ — Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban reiterated his position that SEC Chair Gary Gensler’s actions could cost Joe Biden the 2024 U.S. presidential election.

SEC shoots down Ripple’s argument for a lower penalty

The SEC claimed Ripple’s request for a maximum $10 million fine would not be enough, and any comparison to its Terraform Labs settlement would not hold up.

ZkSync defends Sybil measures as Binance offers own ZK token airdrop

ZkSync continued to defend against criticism over Sybil filtering for its ZK token airdrop, while Binance will offer its own drop for those ineligible for the real thing.

Bitcoin whale watching is ‘useless’ for information — Traders

Bitcoin traders argue that watching Bitcoin whale movements doesn't really provide “true alpha.”

Donald Trump vows to end Joe Biden’s ‘war on crypto’

U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump vows to end Joe Biden’s “war on crypto” and bolster Florida’s crypto presence.

Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade: Key risks identified in Report

Liquid Collective and Obol’s report highlights key risks associated with Ethereum’s Pectra upgrade, emphasizing the need for client, operator, and cloud diversity to ensure network stability.

Former Binance CEO 'CZ' owns 64% of BNB circulating supply — Report

According to a new Forbes report, former Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) holds the overwhelming majority of BNB's circulating supply.

Home miners may benefit from NiceHash, Marathon Digital collaboration

NiceHash introduced new firmware featuring Marathon Digital to enhance performance and profitability for retail and home cryptocurrency miners.

Mining execs establish organization to influence US crypto voters

The Bitcoin Voter Project said it had $5 million and the backing of major crypto mining firms for research and voter education, later intending to influence U.S. elections.

Deutsche Telekom announces Bitcoin mining plans at BTC Prague

Deutsche Telekom reveals Bitcoin mining plans at BTC Prague, highlighting its active participation in the blockchain sector with Bitcoin and Lightning nodes since 2023.

Bitcoin is the only decentralized currency, Tether CEO says

Bitcoin is the only decentralized currency, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said in an interview with Cointelegraph at the Bitcoin-only conference, BTC Prague event.

Traders: Bitcoin price needs “fresh all-time highs” to end pump-and-dump cycles

High demand side liquidity is required to push Bitcoin higher out of consolidation.

Bitcoin breaks 18-month hashrate uptrend: Are BTC miners capitulating?

Despite the drop in hashrate, Bitcoin miner selling isn’t correlated with the BTC price drop from $71,100 to $66,000.

Investors Pull Nearly $11 Billion in BTC and ETH From Major Exchanges in 30 Days

In the past 13 days, an additional 10,889 BTC, valued at $726 million, has exited the San Francisco crypto exchange.

Chainlink’s CCIP protocol and Automation now live on Gnosis

Chainlink’s CCIP interoperability protocol and cloud computing service, known as Chainlink Automation, have been deployed on the Gnosis network.

Terraform to pay $4.47B to resolve SEC civil lawsuit

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission asked a federal judge in New York to approve the settlement on June 12.

Bitcoin miners rise 10% after Trump promises to back US miners

Bitcoin mining firms TeraWulf, Hut 8 Mining Corp and Core Scientific rallied around 10% on the stock market after Donald Trump doubled down on his commitment to protect U.S. miners.

Zero-knowledge Manta Network launches $50M ecosystem fund

The network suffered a massive TVL decline after its flagship yield program ended.

Bitcoin is the only decentralized currency, Tether CEO says

Bitcoin is the only decentralized currency, Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said in an interview with Cointelegraph at the Bitcoin-only conference, BTC Prague event.

SushiSwap merges DAO with ‘Labs’ model, introduces multitoken ecosystem

SushiSwap is now Sushi Labs, an autonomous company that replaces the ecosystem’s decentralized autonomous organization.

Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Elon Musk has dropped his breach of contract lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman — but he’s left the door open to file the same lawsuit again down the track.

Trump wants Bitcoin ‘made in the USA’ after hosting mining industry heads

Donald Trump hosted several Bitcoin mining executives at his Florida residence and promised to support the industry if elected president.

MetaMask enables pooled staking for Ethereum holders

MetaMask has launched a new staking service allowing Ethereum holders to pool their funds and stake less than 32 ETH.

New open-source ZK-proof slashes SQL query times

Proof of SQL, a new open-source ZK-proof technology, aims to cut SQL query times from 30 minutes to sub-second speeds, enhancing real-time data processing efficiency.

US Bitcoin ETFs See $200 Million Outflow; Grayscale Leads With $121 Million

Spot bitcoin ETFs have recorded two days of outflows so far as Tuesday’s trading sessions saw $200.31 million leave.

Optimism reaches ‘Stage 1’ decentralization, implementing fault proofs

Optimism mainnet implemented fault proofs for the first time, allowing users to independently confirm the validity of withdrawals.

DeFi Technologies adopts Bitcoin treasury strategy

DeFi Technologies, a publicly listed company, adopted Bitcoin as its primary treasury asset, as more public firms pivot toward the decentralized currency.

Elon Musk to ban Apple devices if OpenAI is integrated with OS

Elon Musk promised to ban Apple devices at his companies should Tim Cook’s Apple integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its operating system.

ZkSync says 695K wallets eligible for next week’s ZK token airdrop

Ethereum layer-2 blockchain zkSync is airdropping billions of its newly released ZK tokens to users of its network.

PancakeSwap integrates Zyfi for gas-free DeFi trading

The simplified trading experience could help PancakeSwap attract a larger market share from centralized exchanges.

Binance CEO: Crypto industry has shifted from ‘early adopters’ to ‘early majority’

Binance CEO Richard Teng says the cryptocurrency industry has reached the "early majority" phase, having exited from the "early adopter" phase.

Base TVL surges to $8B just days after overtaking OP Mainnet

Base, an Ethereum layer-2 scaler supported by Coinbase, now has $8 billion in total value locked on the chain.

Bitcoin ETFs sucked up 2 months of BTC mining supply in first week of June

In the first week of June, the U.S. Bitcoin ETFs purchased eight times the amount of Bitcoin mined in their biggest buy week since March.

Binance reaches 200M users with $100B in assets under custody

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance reached 200 million global users.

Bitcoin volatility hovering within 6% of record low levels

Bitcoin’s price remained fairly stable for 15 days before the June 7 slight decline, placing it among the lowest 6% of volatility periods in Bitcoin’s history.

Arbitrum to distribute $215M in ARB tokens for gaming innovation

The Arbitrum Foundation is investing $215 million in ARB tokens to boost the gaming industry through its new Gaming Catalyst Program.

Ethereum leaders are stuck in a ‘massive contradiction’ — Wintermute CEO

Ethereum’s “elite” must choose between promoting a capitalist or socialist society, but they can’t support both, according to Wintermute CEO Evgeny Gaevoy.

DeFi TVL reaches $192B for first time in 15 months — DappRadar

Despite the rise in TVL, the number of unique active wallets fell as DeFi was outperformed by Web3 gaming and social media.

Bitcoin network transaction fees temporarily soar to nearly $52

Fees on the Bitcoin network surged to nearly $52 per transaction on July 7 as over 300,000 unconfirmed transactions caused massive network congestion.

New York Stock Exchange-backed Bakkt considers sale — Report

Bakkt, a crypto exchange launched by the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, may sell its holdings to another company or seek to break up the firm.

Bitcoin return to $71K would wipe $1.38B shorts

If Bitcoin were to return to its price on June 6, over a billion in short positions would be liquidated.

ZkSync’s Gemholic project suspected $3.5M rug pull

The crypto community is reeling from a suspected $3.5 million rug pull involving Gemholic on the zkSync network.

XRP Surges 103% in Volume as Market Faces $410 Million Sell-Off

The broader cryptocurrency market is currently facing a substantial sell-off. Amid this volatility, XRP has seen a dramatic surge in trading volume, rising by 103%.

Binance reinstates crypto buys via Mastercard

Binance has resumed Mastercard crypto purchases, signaling potential relief from regulatory issues. Users can now buy cryptocurrency with ease, using bank transfers and SEPA transfers.

Nvidia briefly passes Apple as world’s second-most-valuable company

Nvidia and Apple are jousting for the title of world's second most valuable company by market capitalization as Microsoft maintains the pole position by a slim margin.

US Treasury: AI brings huge opportunities, risks to financial stability

The U.S. Treasury has made a public call for commentary to discuss the potential opportunities and threats posed by artificial intelligence to U.S. financial stability.

NY Attorney General sues crypto trader NovaTech, claims $1B fraud

NovaTech and its founders face allegations of licensing misrepresentation and operating a cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme after their crypto mining company failed.

Telegram launches in-app currency ‘Stars’ for digital purchases

Telegram has launched “Telegram Stars” on its social network platform, which will be used as an in-app token to purchase digital goods and services.

Zilliqa 2.0 upgrade enhances speed and cross-chain compatibility

Zilliqa has launched its white paper and roadmap for version 2.0, set to enhance speed, efficiency, and interoperability with other blockchains.

Largest Bitcoin mining firm sold 63% of mined BTC in May

Marathon Digital sold a large chunk of its Bitcoin production in May as miners adjusted their operations after the BTC halving event.