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Opera Crypto Browser to enable instant NFT minting through launchpad

Alteon co-founder Matt Cimaglia said that the goal of this integration is to "level the playing field" for content creators from various backgrounds.

3AC bankruptcy process faces challenges amid unknown whereabouts of founders

Zhu Su and Kyle Davies reportedly failed to engage with liquidators in the past months.

Legal team for 3AC liquidators blast founders for shifting blame to FTX, media blitz amid bankruptcy

Lawyers cited 3AC founders Zhu Su and Kylie Davies for being “active and responsive to comments via Twitter” but failing to discuss the company’s assets with liquidators.

New Cardano algorithmic stablecoin evokes old fears for the community

A Circle spokesperson told Cointelegraph that the Terra collapse showed that not all stablecoins are created equal.

Italy to impose 26% capital gains tax on crypto profits

Italy’s tax proposal comes only months after Portugal imposed a 28% tax on capital gains from cryptocurrencies held for less than a year

Fantom wants to cut token burn rate by 75% to fund DApp rewards program

Qualifying DApp builders will be able to receive 15% of all gas fees on their protocol should the proposal passes.

Clearing company tests out securities transaction settlements on blockchain networks

The Digital Dollar Project and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation partnered on a pilot project to settle securities transactions on blockchains and released their results Nov. 30.

Bitcoin miner outflow ratio hits 6-month high in new threat to BTC price

Bitcoin may yet see a BTC price relief rally as two more on-chain metrics echo June 2022.

Telegram founder wants to build new decentralized tools to combat power abuse

Telegram's founder says he wants to build a set of decentralized tools, including noncustodial wallets and decentralized exchanges.

Senate Banking Committee chair calls for coordination with Treasury on crypto

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown requested Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen coordinate with regulators to address crypto based on Financial Stability Oversight Committee recommendations.

Two Bored Apes sell for $1M each: Nifty Newsletter, Nov. 23–29

Images of lockdown protests in China have made their way into NFT Marketplace OpenSea as an NFT collection.

Coinbase clarifies bug bounty policy in response to Uber extortion verdict

Tech companies use bug bounties to promote “white hat” hacking, but some of these payouts may run afoul of the law.

Why Has Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Failed?

Promise of new Bitcoin proved to be just hype and not a need for cryptocurrency market

FTX fiasco boosts Bitcoin ownership to new highs: Analysts weigh in

Insolvency among numerous centralized exchanges has driven an increase in Bitcoin self-custody during the 2022 bear market.

Coinbase Wallet will stop supporting BCH, ETC, XLM and XRP, citing 'low usage'

Coinbase previously said it would delist XRP in 2021 due to the SEC's legal actions against Ripple Labs.

FTX hacker reportedly transfers a portion of stolen funds to OKX after using Bitcoin mixer

The movement of funds comes days after the hacker dumped 50,000 ETH.

Blockchain-based supply chain platform canned by IBM and Maersk

Maersk will discontinue their blockchain-based supply chain platform, TradeLens, after it failed to be adopted by industry participants

Brazil passes law to legalize crypto as a payment method

The law also creates a regulatory framework for crypto exchanges and custody and management of crypto by third parties.

SEC Strategic Plan: Crypto Initiatives Among Top Priorities Over Next 4 Years

The SEC has revealed some initiatives involving crypto in its strategic plan which are among its top priorities over the next four years.

BlockFi bankruptcy filing triggers a wide range of community reaction

Podcaster Matt Odell believes that the bankruptcy was caused by lending customer funds to high-risk traders who played with leverage.

ECB president reiterates calls for ‘MiCA II’ in response to FTX collapse

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said the situation with FTX was about “stability and reliability” and the bank needed to step up as a global regulator.

Meta fined €265M for allowing scrapers to steal Facebook's centralized user data

This enforcement action against Meta is a reminder that the problems surrounding data centralization have not yet been solved.

Israel’s chief economist lays out recommendations for crypto regulation

Crypto adoption is expected to pick up, with Israel’s chief economist laying out digital asset recommendations for Israeli law and policymakers.

Kraken decides to settle Iran sanction allegations with U.S. regulators

Crypto exchange Kraken has agreed to pay more than $362,000 to settle allegations that it violated Iranian sanctions.

Bitcoin price consolidation has shifted traders to these 4 altcoins

Bitcoin is witnessing a battle between buyers and sellers, but DOGE, LTC, LINK and APE suggest an advantage to the bulls.

TON Telegram integration highlights synergy of blockchain community

The recent update to Telegram’s wallet bot can open up a wider range of the public to using cryptocurrency.

Taking down crypto influencers is one step that would help to heal the market

The EU moved in the right direction by passing a law requiring influencers to disclose the risks associated with crypto. More countries should follow their lead.

Crypto Twitter calls for calm after wETH insolvency joke goes viral

Rumors of Wrapped Ether’s (wETH) insolvency gripped the crypto community over the weekend, but it has been revealed to be one big inside joke that went out of control.

Dogecoin jumps after Elon Musk shares glimpse into Twitter 2.0 plans

Musk has confirmed that his Twitter 2.0 vision includes a payment system for “The Everything App,” which led to a 19.4% price surge in DOGE.

Fenix Games raises $150M to fuel next-generation blockchain gaming

Fenix Games CEO Chris Ko highlighted that the market for blockchain gaming does not exist as it did for traditional video games such as gaming consoles and mobile gaming.

Bitcoin mining revenue lowest in two years, hash rate on the decline

While the current market price of around $16,500 suggests a noticeable increase in mining revenue, factors including greater mining difficulty and rising energy prices.

New York’s mayor seeks balance with regulators after PoW mining moratorium

The comments follow the new law signed by New York governor Kathy Hochul, banning proof-of-work (PoW) mining activities for two years in the state.

Whole DeFi Industry Dominated by Just Two Applications

Dominance of just two applications in DeFi industry raises some questions

Binance publishes official Merkle Tree-based proof of reserves

The official Binance proof-of-reserve mechanism has been published using BTC as the first available token, with additional tokens soon to follow.

American regulators to investigate Genesis and other crypto firms

Alabama and several other U.S. states are participating in inquiries regarding Genesis’ alleged ties to retail investors.

SEC chair's crypto oversight strategy in question as ecosystems collapse

Emmer showed displeasure against Gensler's “indiscriminate and inconsistent approach” toward crypto oversight.

UK Bank Starling Blocks Payments to Crypto Platforms — Claims Crypto Is High Risk, Heavily Used for Criminal Purposes

Starling Bank has informed its customers that the bank no longer supports fund transfers to cryptocurrency platforms.

Bank of Japan to Launch Digital Yen Pilot Program Next Year

The Bank of Japan will run a test of its central bank digital currency, the digital yen, with three top banks and regional institutions.

MetaMask will start collecting user IP addresses

Many Web 3.0 firms have began collecting users' IPs due to tougher regulations.

Bybit launches $100M support fund for institutional traders

The FTX saga has sent shockwaves across the cryptocurrency industry. Bybit is offering liquidity to institutional traders affected by the contagion.

Ethereum developers decided on eight proposals for the Shanghai update

On a weekly call, developers decided what features should be included in the next hard fork, which will be released in the second half of 2023.

Belgium says BTC, ETH and other decentralized coins are not securities

Belgium’s top financial regulatory has confirmed to Belgian-based digital asset issuers and service providers that BTC and ETH do not constitute securities.

Will Bitcoin hit $110K in 2023? 3 reasons to be bullish on BTC now

BTC price may pass $100,000 in 2023, analysis says as Bitcoin perspectives offer bullish forecasts.

Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk Will Work Together on DOGE Upgrade, David Gokhshtein Expects

Ambitious crypto enthusiast expects that in future Elon Musk and Vitalik Buterin will work together to improve Dogecoin

US lawmakers ask DOJ hold FTX execs accountable ‘to the fullest extent of the law’

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Sheldon Whitehouse requested the Justice Department launch an investigation into crypto exchange FTX’s downfall with the “utmost scrutiny.”

Crypto has survived worse than the fall of FTX: Chainalysis

A Chainalysis report concludes that the crypto industry will bounce back from the downfall of FTX, after comparing the exchange to Mt. Gox at the time when the latter collapsed.

FTX miniseries gets go ahead, covering the ‘most brazen frauds ever committed’

Amazon is set to feature an eight-episode series chronicling the downward spiral and bankruptcy of crypto exchange FTX and its founder Sam Bankman-Fried.

Can Token Burns Make Terra Classic Skyrocket?

Learn why Terra Classic burns do not matter for token growth

Could Payin3 be the next big thing in crypto? Interview with Uquid CEO Tran Hung

After “buy now, pay later” transformed retail, one platform is bringing it to crypto

EU-based crypto exchange Bitpanda secures crypto license in Germany

The other licensees included three European institutional investment platforms and one U.S.-based retail platform.