The Antminer S19j Pro is an ASIC miner machine with the SHA-256 Encryption algorithm that can mine some coins, including Bitcoin. With considerable computational power and a maximum hash rate of 110TH/s, this unit is one of the best machines.

Now ASIC supports remote clients, allowing one to monitor their mining operations without being near the mining device. The second-generation chips of ATI in the heart of S19j Pro are the processor chips that are perfectly designed on the 5nm technology to produce a total hashing power of 100 TH/s ± 3% and power efficiency of 34.5 J/TH.


S19j Pro
Model 240-Cb
Crypto Algorithm SHA256
Hashrate 100/104th ±3%
Power on Wall@25℃, Watt 2950 ±5%
Networking Connection Mode RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Net weight, kg(2-2) 14.6
Gross weight, kg 15.8


Despite the S19j Pro’s compact size, it has an excellent performance. It can run with minimum noise and is highly efficient in power consumption. Owners can save up to 15% in energy bills by using a new Antminer device over an older mining unit and save money by cutting costs compared to older models.

This ASIC comes with a new generation of chips, which give users better hash rates while using less power. This feature place these miners in the rank of the best miners for mining bitcoin in the market.

Antminer Technology - Bitmain Performance History

Antminer Technology – Bitmain Performance History

Low Electricity Consumption Rate

When comparing other mining rigs with over 3000W of power consumption, the S19j Pro can be one of the most efficient devices. S19j Pro produces a total hashing power of 100 TH/s for 3050W energy consumption, which is efficient and puts this generation of mining machines at the top of the chart regarding power consumption versus performance output.

Noise Level

The S19j Pro super-efficient cooling fan helps this machine have better cooling performance besides much lower noise than other miners. It has a noise rating of 75db, which is impressive. We suppose this machine must be a noisy mining unit concerning the high hash and power consumption rates.

Still, thanks to the Bitmain engineering team, who designed and manufactured the S19j Pro to be an environmentally friendly miner, this machine makes less noise pollution and less temperature against its improved performance compared with other SHA256 mining machines.


Bitmain offers a half-year warranty to the initial buyer of S19j Pro.


The Antminer S19J Pro Miner is a super-efficient mining machine and one of the market’s most reliable cryptocurrency mining devices. This machine works based on the SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 100 TH, which theoretically can mine over 43 coins.

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency. Many people in the market always demand this elite cryptocurrency, making it an excellent financial instrument in investors’ hands and making bitcoin mining a profitable opportunity for crypto mining rigs.