Companies, websites, and software are always in danger of being attacked by hackers who steal funds and information or ban the owner from accessing their gathered information until they pay the requested money.

It happens when there are bugs and security weaknesses, and the developer team cannot detect them. Here is where the army of ethical hackers comes to help developers or the company cyber security teams to identify their products’ weaknesses and improve the level of security to avoid future possible hacker attacks.

When a developer team or a corporation design and builds software, a platform, or an ecosystem, naturally, they can’t find all the product’s security weaknesses, which might cause fatal defects in the future when they launch the system. Some ethical hackers testify S/W, platforms, and websites against a financial reward called Bug Bounty to defeat this issue.

Who Are Bug Bounty Hackers?

When Ethical hackers (White hat hackers) test a platform, including software developers, websites, or organizations, to discover their bugs and vulnerability risks, their act help owners improve themselves against the possible dangers that might bring severe losses for the ecosystem. Many big corporations like Microsoft and others have shifted to this approach.

Some programs and teams act as ethical hackers to help software, websites, and ecosystems improve their security by discovering their weaknesses before bad people find them and cause them irrevocable compensation.

Some platforms reward ethical hackers for going over software or a platform to find their potential weaknesses, which avoids further excessive losses.

What is Bug Bounty?

The Mechanism

Bug bounty programs somehow let hackers help developers to find the probable vulnerabilities and possible defects that the developer team was unable to observe because these ethical hackers are trained to see what ordinary people miss.

These hackers see what others can’t see, which helps systems boost their security levels to be prepared for the probable future attack from black hat hackers. Please keep in mind that this Surveillance could be continual.

What is Bug Bounty?

A bug bounty is the financial reward platforms, organizations, software developers, and programmers pay ethical hackers to testify their ecosystems, websites, and products.

Why Launching a Bug Bounty Program?

A bug bounty offers a sanity check for a digital product, enabling testers with an outside perspective to find vulnerabilities and defects in areas within a defined scope. Bounty programs can be an efficient way for companies to test all of their digital assets continuously.

HackerOne, YesWeHack, Nettitude

Who Are These Ethical Hackers?

It’s enough to google the “Bug Bounty,” and the result will show plenty of platforms that can help developers, website designers, cyber security experts, and other people who are interested to know them and their Professional mission.

There are some instances;

Indeed, there are more platforms that interested audiences of this article can search on the net and become more familiar with them and their constructive activities.


Ethical hackers are well-trained experts who will observe weaknesses in the structure of software, platform, or tech product and inform the developer team against a reward we call Bug Bounty.

These hackers identify bugs and security weaknesses in the platform or software and inform the developer team to improve those security holes, which will prevent hackers who attack that system with evil wills to steal funds, information, or other precious data.