The game “Aspo World” is a role-play style and collective card tactic game based on NFTs and developed in a blockchain ecosystem and released soon for Android and IOS Operating Systems.

The financial System of The Aspo World

“The Aspo world” has a specific token, “$ASPOtoken,” based on the Binance Smart Chain, whose total supply is 500,000,000 ASPOs.


The story’s script is about a fictional world in which every 500 years, there be a tournament among wizards and witches who have power and control over sprites, which are ulterior creatures who do whatever they can to protect and help their masters. The winner will be honored to have the title of the King of the Wizards.

What is “Aspo World”

“The Aspo World” is a tactic, card collective game which in this fictional world Wizards have a gathering every five centuries which wizards are competing for the title of King of the Wizards.

They go through by getting help from spirits they have under their control which assist them in achieving this title for the next five hundred years.

What is Aspo World

A person named “Asakura Hao” has been disrupted the last two tournaments because he seeks a conspiracy to undermine the power of the successive wizard kings. The current wizards are weak, and the king realizes that the magical ability he used to have is disappearing. Meanwhile, as the next tournament is on the way, a group of high school students is training hard to be the next generation of wizards and prepare for the journey.

But Who will have the most incredible power?

But the answer to this question requires taking an adventurous action through the Aspo world!

How ASPO WORLD starts?

There are three different characters that interested players can choose after entering the game, which include:

  • Hunter
  • Fighter
  • Witch

Players can transfer 400 $ASPO for having a normal character.

Aspo World, Different Characters

There are two types of Normal characters in the Aspo World: “Rare” and “Elite” as soon as the newly joined player chooses a character, and after that, they can begin their mysterious journey.

To get the Rare and Elite characters, players must upgrade the chosen normal character with the needed material that requires additional payments with the authorized token of the ecosystem. It also has an upgrade success rate that varies for each scarcity.


there are three modes for the Aspo World Game, including Campaign, Quest Mode, and Competition Mode;

  • Campaign Mode, players fight against BOTS and NPCs (non-Player Characters); if they won, they will get TOKENS as their rewards.
  • Quest Mode, players have access to a broader range of activities, such as training, campaign, patrol, etc. However, there are some limitations in the times they can lay in each day. As access is varied, the rewards are diverse, including Tokens, materials, and equipment.
  • Competition Mode has four multi-player different modes itself which are;

Challenge, Rank, Duel, and fair Match, in which users will enjoy other rewards and points in each of the competition mode’s arenas.

In this phase, players must pay 0.5 $ASPO to fight. The winner gets the money they put in the game plus the money that the loser competitor paid to enter the fight. It is a kind of fight to earn a match. Conversely, the winner plays to earn, and the loser provides the money the game pays to the winner. This strategy prevents token inflation in the ecosystem.

Players mentioned in the ranking receive high scores as a reward, and naturally, the type of the rewards depends on the phase each participant was playing in.

Membership in clans is also available, and the team in the background is trying to add the clan war information to Whitepaper soon.

Aspo World

Term GAMEPLAY and the definition of GAMEPLAY in the Aspo World

Gameplay is a hybrid of cards and games. Players can summon spirits and command them to fight with characters in this stage. The array of these spirits depends on the participants’ strategy contrariwise; there must be a well-thought strategy behind the action participants want to take in this stage of the game.

each of the characters as mentioned earlier has two subclasses;

  • Hunter: Scout & Sniper
  • Fighter: Rage Blade & Guandao
  • Witch: Enchanter & Asura

Each of those characters and their subclasses has different peculiarities in power, speed, armor, and life, which differ one from another.

Ghosts (SPIRITS)

Not only characters but ghosts have different classifications, which are coming hereunder.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Elite
  • Ascension
  • Legendary

Each class of them has different skills and specifications:

  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence

More features and options are that enthusiastic potential players will find out soon as the game is released.

An overview of the Aspo World game and Combat tactics

First, take a look at the mentioned link: The Aspo team is planning to hold tournaments and competitions.

They also are designing a marketplace intended for the game that can trade NFT items, and game boxes also show the trading history of an NFT.

The team maneuvers a lot on the sound and graphics of the game and mentions achieved advantages.


The governance token and the game’s income is ASPO$ with the BEP-20 standard. Receivable through deposit (STAKE) and by playing different sections. This Token also works to create or upgrade characters or trading in the marketplace.

There are 500M of this Token.
One out of five of these amounts is allocated to the play to earn.

Who Supports the Aspo World?

So, let’s see who are the supporters of the Aspo World Game; “Hashed”, “Redkite”, “DAOmaker”, “Gamefi”, “Icetea labs”, “Raptor Capital”, “”, and “Everse Capital”.

“Hashed” and “Icetea Labs” interact on other successful gaming projects. This cooperation of launch pads with this game will significantly reduce its risk for people interested in playing this game in the future.

Aspo World, Road Map

Road Map

This game is designed based on the Binance Smart chain Standard. It seems all the players are supposed to be able to communicate with each other in an open world, and this makes it more interesting. However, the financial system and distributing the achieved wealth and rewards are not clear enough.


This review is not a financial recommendation. Interested players should investigate more about how, when they can play and determine this could be an excellent approach to invest and earn through play-to-earn games or not.