A Crypto faucet is a way to earn a crypto reward for those who are patient, patient, hard workers with great perseverance, and patient. The concept is simple; interested people must install mobile apps or check websites to do tasks to get their reward in the crypto, which is directly receivable to their wallets.

The History and the Mechanism of the Crypto Faucet

For the first time in the early 2010s, Bitcoin used the term “faucet,” giving rewards to interested people ready to visit some websites or install mobile apps on their smart devices. Those people receive the crypto bonus in their wallets for doing simple tasks. For example, they should complete captchas, watch a short video or advertisements and solve a puzzle, use a tutorial file, or answer some tests.

The Question is Can Crypto Faucet Make me Rich?

Please note that crypto faucets won’t make anyone wealthy. Still, they are one of the simplest ways to increase crypto assets. It needs enough time, like one week or several days of hardworking to gather enough particles of that cryptocurrency to achieve the amount to withdraw, then being patient is necessary.

According to Medium, some reputable websites and apps interested people can register and get the reward, such as “Ethereum-faucet.org,” “allcoins.pw,” “Fire faucet,” and “Dutchy CORP,” but definitely, the number and the rank of these apps and URLs will differ from time to time.

To enjoy a crypto faucet, an interested participant has to sign up on the website or the mobile app by providing basic personal information, including the wallet address where they want to receive their crypto rewards. There will be the tasks that users have to complete. Once the user performs duties, they earn their crypto rewards, which get transferred to the micro wallet.

What are the Hidden Risks of Joining a Crypto Faucet?

Remember that everyone isn’t honest, specifically when it is about free rewards. Many crypto faucet websites and apps deny paying back the users even if they have gathered lots of that particular cryptocurrency by doing required tasks. These tasks could include watching ads or videos, completing captchas, solving puzzles, and lots of correct answers to online quizzes.

Please note that nothing is worth the time. Suppose anyone wants to get crypto rewards from faucets. In that case, they must pay attention and choose the most reliable platform because plenty of scammers are lying in ambush to steal your money and leave you with regret of the lost time and wasted time.

Where to Find Faucet Websites or Applications?

To inform audiences of this article, they can google what websites or applications provide crypto faucet services. According to the interviews and searches we have done, some reputable websites like medium.com and bestfaucetsites.com have listed some of the best faucet websites. The mentioned websites are to give a better understanding, and we do not recommend anyone register on declared faucet websites, and naturally, we do not take any responsibilities against potential risks of losses.


Crypto faucets are apps or websites which give visitors and users tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies to reward their users for completing uncomplicated duties. The name “faucet” comes from tiny drops falling from a faucet because the mechanism is the same as small drops of water leaking from a faucet, and it takes a long time to gather sufficient to wash your hands or so on.


We have put https://bestfaucetsites.com/ in this article which introduces the most reputable faucet websites in a list. Hereunder we declare that if any of these audiences visited or registered on one or more of those websites, they should study the potential risks themselves, and Minerium does not take any responsibility for potential losses.