In the first days of the era of smart devices, we all have heard about social media platforms and social networking. There are many platforms for sharing information, texts, and files, with a central exchange and storage units that are mediator parties between two sides of a simple chat session.

This intermediary party can be at the disposal of governments to trace political topics and POVs or gather the appetite of their users and sell the collected information to big marketing corporations. All are seriously damaging the privacy of users.

The past decade’s hero in the land of technology has come to help with its magnificent security merits. Blockchain technology increases the fastness of data transfer and increases social media users’ security, privacy, and anonymity. It facilitates data transfer options with improved speed, decreasing developer teams’ costs, and making it a win-win deal between users and service providers.

Users prefer social media platforms with higher security to keep their personal information and privacy safe, and the security need is increasing today. Security is one of the advantages that make social media experts believe the blockchain is the most determinative factor for social media platforms to be successful.


Social media are helpful tools for users to communicate efficiently and quickly. Still, many privacy concerns, cyberbullying, governmental surveillance, scam, phishing, loss of personal information, etc., are weaknesses of the social media platforms that we are using to communicate with family, friends, and even unknown people.

Besides, traditional social media platforms monitor their users’ interests to share with big corporations or their parent companies for marketing purposes. We criticize social media platforms because of some unpleasant disadvantages. In this article, we are going to investigate the weaknesses that we can resolve by getting help from blockchain technology.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

1) Blockchain technology terminates centralized data storage, reducing the risks of cyber-attacks and users’ stolen data because the decentralized nature of the blockchain ecosystem enormously increases the costs of cyberattacks and makes it almost impossible. And also, there would be no council of elites in head offices to decide how to use users’ personal information.

2) As communicating in the blockchain-based social media platforms is peer-to-peer, no mediator party can observe texts, data, or exchanged information between two sides of a communication. This improvement is a progressive and revolutionary change in the world of social media platforms because anonymity and privacy is the primary expectation of social media users.

The Weaknesses of Blockchain Bases Information

Anonymity and termination of intermediary monitoring parties give users an excellent space for charlatans and opportunists because they can sell or trade artworks without concerns about the consequences.

Until developers find a protective solution, it would threaten artists, musicians, photographers, and authors because cybercriminals can steal and sell their artworks without fear of any monitoring system. Still, hopefully, once again, blockchain technology comes to help with the option of NFTs to protect NFTartists’ rights by privileged features of blockchain technology.


List of initiated or under developing Blockchain social media (D)apps:

initiated or under developing Blockchain social media (D)apps


Social media platforms with blockchain structure are the new generation of social media platforms. Blockchain significantly increases security to protect our personal information. It keeps all information safe and unavailable from cyber attackers, hackers, and scammers, because of the nature of blockchain technology and the soul of decentralization. With this increased level of security, users can communicate and share their information with peace of mind.


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